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Choose from 24 pictures in our Landscapes collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Aurora borealis and Moon Featured Landscapes Image

Aurora borealis and Moon

Aurora borealis and Moon over mountains and trees by a river. This coloured light display (the northern lights) is visible in the night sky at high latitudes. It occurs when charged and energetic particles from the Sun (the solar wind) are drawn by Earth's magnetic field to the polar regions. Hundreds of kilometres up, they collide with gas molecules and atoms, causing them to emit light. Photographed by the Koyukuk River, near Wiseman, Alaska, USA


Noctilucent cloud Featured Landscapes Image

Noctilucent cloud

Noctilucent cloud over trees. This type of cloud, also known as polar mesospheric, is visible only in deep twilight and is seen mostly during the summer. It is the highest cloud type in the Earth's atmosphere and occurs only when sunlight illuminates it from below the horizon, while the ground and lower layers of the atmosphere are in the Earth's shadow. Photographed in Turku, Finland, in July