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Galapagos Admiralty map by Fitzroy Beagle Featured Top Picks Print

Galapagos Admiralty map by Fitzroy Beagle

Admiralty map of Galapagos 1845 resulting from Captain Robert Fitzroy's Beagle charts, overlain with a portion of a letter written by Fitzroy. Robert Fitzroy (b. 5 July 1805- d. 30 April 1865) was famous as the captain of HMS Beagle who, requiring a Gentleman's companion to avert the risk of depression and suicide, took the young Charles Darwin on his voyage. Darwin respected the captain while at the same time fearing Fitzroy would always be his own worst enemy. After his trip Darwin referred to the Galapagos (and also South American megafauna fossils) as being the origin of all his views. Fitzroy is also remembered for his contributions to meteorology (he pioneered weather forecasting) and as a Governor of New Zealand from 1843-1845. Fitzroy committed suicide at 59, but the charts he produced continued to be used up to the second World War


Andromeda galaxy (M31) Featured Top Picks Print

Andromeda galaxy (M31)

Andromeda galaxy (M31), optical image. Andromeda, lying only 2.5 million light years away, is the closest major galaxy to our own. Like our galaxy, the Milky Way, it is a barred spiral galaxy, spiral in form but with a bright band of stars across the centre. With a diameter of 150, 000 light years, it is about half as large again as the Milky Way. The older stars towards the centre of the galaxy make its core appear yellow. The two bright objects close to the galaxy are Andromeda's two satellite galaxies, M32 (bottom centre) and M110 (just upper left of centre). The galaxy is named after the constellation Andromeda, where it is found

© Robert Gendler/Science Photo Library